Audis are German high-end luxury vehicles known for outstanding performance and sleek bodywork, but at the end of the day, they are still just machines, albeit very sophisticated machines. At some point in your ownership experience, you will need Audi repair or Audi maintenance. When that time comes, Orec Imports of Chula Vista is here to help.


Orec Imports is family-owned and has served the Chula Vista, CA region for the past three decades. In that period, we have serviced hundreds of Audis and have the necessary experience and education to support the needs of Audi drivers. While dealerships often have a revolving door of technicians, our ASE technicians are dedicated to Audi repair and our shop. That means you deal with the same technicians for all of your Audi repair in most cases, creating a high level of comfort and unique Audi repair solutions.

We appreciate a luxury vehicle for its performance and engine and give it proper respect when it pulls into our bay. Despite the brand's strength, we are also aware that Audis all have common issues that can be prevented with regular Audi repair and maintenance. For example, the brand is known to have ignition issues, problems burning excess oil, and electrical issues. These issues won't plague you, though, if you regularly bring your Audi down to Orec Imports of Chula Vista.

Schedule Your Chula Vista Audi Maintenance Today!

As part of our scheduled maintenance visits, we will regularly check in on your vehicle to make sure that your Audi is properly cycling oil, starting correctly, and responding promptly on the road. Proactively troubleshooting known Audi issues ensures that our clients in Chula Vista, CA, always receive ultimate performance from their Audi and never experience unexpected Audi repair or breakdown.

Orec Imports of Chula Vista does all of this at a lower cost than dealers while providing a tailored customer experience. You are not just a number at Orec Imports, you are one of our neighbors, and we treat you as a member of our family. Our goal is to deliver Audi repair without hassle, and our friendly and knowledgeable technicians go the extra mile to ensure your experience is always positive.

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