If you are a BMW owner, your vehicle is likely an extension of your family, which means you don't want to hire just anyone for BMW repair. At Orec Imports of Chula Vista, we are not just anyone; we are a family-owned auto repair business specializing in foreign car repair with a particular penchant for BMWs. Not only do we appreciate the beauty of a refined BMW, but we understand its unique needs and challenges, which makes our highly skilled ASE technicians the right match for your BMW repair.


Many BMW drivers mistakenly think that they have to go to the dealership for BMW repairs. Still, in reality, you will likely have much better luck heading down to Orec Imports or any auto shop that specializes in import car repair. Dealers often have a revolving door of technicians which means you don't get anything extra by going to them, outside of paying more.

Drivers who choose a private auto shop for BMW repair often save anywhere from 20-60% on repairs, making it worth looking into. Orec Imports of Chula Vista is proud to work on import vehicles, including BMWs, and takes special pride in delivering custom solutions. Whether you are looking for scheduled maintenance or adding aftermarket parts to your BMW, our team is ready and able to help.

Maintain Your BMW's Performance with Regular Maintenance

If you drive a BMW, there is a good chance you care about its performance. Even if most of your time in the car is spent on California freeways attempting to get to and from work, you want the luxury ride you paid for. However, even BMWs are susceptible to mechanical issues and wear and tear over time.

You can maintain the high performance of your BMW for longer and prevent BW repairs by scheduling regular maintenance with Orec Imports in Chula Vista, CA. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle, your car is something you treasure, so let a group of technicians who feel the same way keep it in tip top shape.

Orec Imports regularly takes care of routine maintenance for BMW owners, including but not limited to engine checks, brake repair, tire balancing and repair, cooling system flushes and repair, and transmission fluid checks. Scheduling an inspection every year along with regular oil changes is the number one way to maintain the performance of your BMW so that you are never caught off-guard by unexpected BMW repairs.

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