Mercedes Benz drivers love the sleek look of their vehicles and the incredible performance they give. However, most will agree they hate Mercedes Benz repair since it usually involves dealing with a dealer attempting to upsell them at every turn. If you live in the Chula Vista, CA region, you have an alternative: Orec Imports.

Family-owned and operated serving the Chula Vista area, we offer Mercedes Benz repair with no strings attached. Our team of technicians has been working on foreign cars for decades, and often we can offer better repair solutions than the dealers. That's because we aren't worried about making a sale; the only thing we want to do is keep our customers safely on the road.

For the past 30 years, Orec Imports has offered high-quality Chula Vista Mercedes Benz repair, which means that our technicians are highly familiar with the insides of pretty much every year and make of Mercedes vehicles. We have evolved with the range and constantly sharpen our toolkit and knowledge base so that we can service every new model along with the old.

The diesel engines of Mercedes Benz may make repair options slightly different, but that doesn't deter us in the slightest. We are used to Mercedes repairs and diesel engines which makes us the logical choice for repair done right the first time around.


Many Mercedes Benz drivers mistakenly think that they have to go to the dealership for Mercedes Benz repairs. Still, in reality, you will likely have much better luck heading down to Orec Imports or any auto shop that specializes in import car repair. Dealers often have a revolving door of technicians which means you don't get anything extra by going to them, outside of paying more.

Drivers who choose a private auto shop for Mercedes Benz repair often save anywhere from 20-60% on repairs, making it worth looking into. Orec Imports of Chula Vista is proud to work on import vehicles, including Mercedes Benz, and takes special pride in delivering custom solutions. Whether you are looking for scheduled maintenance or adding aftermarket parts to your Mercedes Benz, our team is ready and able to help.

Maintain Your Mercedes Benz Performance with Regular Maintenance

We serve the greater San Diego region and offer everything from oil changes to brakes and rotors to scheduled maintenance on Mercedes Benz models. Of course, we can also handle your Mercedes repair in the case of an emergency breakdown, but we prefer our customers bring their Mercedes in long before that so we can keep them off the side of the road.

At Orec Imports, we believe that our customers are family, and we treat them that way with excellent customer service and excellent Mercedes repair options. We go the extra mile for every single one of our clients because it is what we would want someone else to do for us. If you don't understand what your vehicle needs, we are happy to sit down and discuss it with you so that all Mercedes repairs make sense to you.

We also offer detailed estimates that we work hard to stick to because we value our time and value your business. Orec Imports of Chula Vista offers a new type of auto repair experience to our customers, so if you need Mercedes repair, call our shop and schedule a visit.

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